Building a Second Brain: Guest Interviews and Bonus Content

Presenting Building a Second Brain: Guest Interviews and Bonus Content, a collection of exclusive expert interviews, advanced tutorials, pre-formatted note templates, and a 3-month subscription to the Praxis blog.

This is an "advanced level" collection of resources that serves as a companion to Building a Second Brain, an online course that teaches how to capture, organize, and share your knowledge using digital notes. Please note that this course includes only advanced supplementary materials, and not any of the content, features, or support included with Building a Second Brain.

We will be adding content over time as it is produced, and you will always have access to the latest material in this curriculum.

Read more details about what is included in the Premium Edition.

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Tiago Forte
Tiago Forte

Tiago is the founder of Forte Labs, a productivity training firm and consultancy based in San Francisco. He helps people envision and prepare for the future of work using a human-centric approach to productivity.

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